7 Reasons to Relocate to North Austin/Hill Country

May 10, 2019 6:30 am

Known by residents as the “bat city,” Austin tops virtually every list of America’s best places to live. If you’re planning a move, North Austin offers a great option in one of the world’s greatest cities. Here are seven reasons to consider moving here.

A Thriving Economy

By virtually every measure, Austin has one of the strongest economies in the nation. There are plenty of high-paid jobs, especially in hospitality, healthcare, education, and tech. Unemployment is significantly below the national average, and the job market has increased by 3.5% in the last year alone. Ten-year job growth is slated to be around 47%, marking a massive boom in employment. With no state income tax, you’ll get to keep more of your money—and you’ll likely earn more, too, since household incomes are above the national average.

Suburban Convenience

The hustle and bustle of downtown Austin is not for everyone. North Austin offers less traffic, more walkable communities, and all the convenience of suburban life. With a restaurant on every corner, a bevy of chain and independent stores and outlets, and service providers of every stripe, virtually everything you need is a quick car ride or bike trip away. As employers become more interested in this vibrant region, you may even find that you never have to fight traffic again.

Cultural Landmarks

Austin is a thriving cultural capital of the south. Many famous folk and country acts got their start in the bars of downtown Austin. For performing and fine arts lovers, the cultural district offers virtually endless opportunities to enjoy the best art in the nation. If the old west is more your speed, Austin has you covered there, too. Austin has a fascinating backstory and history that can be uncovered at many locations through at the area. You can start discovering the history of Austin at the Bullock Museum, featuring interactive exhibits and an IMAX theater covering the history and culture of Texas.

Outdoor Living

Outdoor lovers can’t get enough of North Austin. Drive north to spend the weekend (or the summer) soaking up all that Horse Country has to offer. Or stay closer to home. MorningStar offers an exceptional and well-stocked fishing hole, as well as plenty of nature trails, each with their own exercise station. Austin’s state and city parks include lakes, rivers, and plenty of incredible hunting and fishing opportunities, not to mention some of the country’s finest camp sites.

Exceptional Schools

The right school opens doors to new opportunities, new worlds, and new friends. North Austin offers some incredible public schools, as well as a wide range of magnet, charter, and private schools designed to cater to every need and value system. The area’s impressive schools are enough to entice many new families, but even single people should care about good schools. Good schools mean rising property values, safe and thriving communities, and a future workforce that will help the economy continue to grow. So an investment in an area with good schools is an investment in your own future, whether or not you have kids.


Austin is one of the safest big cities, but like many larger cities, it’s far from crime free. If you love the cultural offerings of Austin but fear crime, the suburbs of North Austin offer the best of both worlds. Safe, welcoming communities of people who take care of one another abound. You’ll find low crime, friendly faces, and a community your kid can safely play in.

Affordable Housing

Everyone is moving to Austin, and the result is a predictable one: property values are rising. In North Austin, however, housing remains surprisingly affordable. You can get a gorgeous lot, a perfect home, and plenty of space in MorningStar from the low $200s. Of course, those prices won’t last forever. The real estate boom is coming to North Austin. That’s all the more reason to buy now. Savvy investors buy low, then wait for their property values to rise. So invest in North Austin now and grow your nest egg while you live in it.

MorningStar would love to show you all that the North Austin area has to offer. Our gorgeous homes, lush landscaping, and revolving list of special community events keeps our community active and engaged year-round. To find your new home, click here.