Best Fishing Holes in and Around the Austin DMA

October 31, 2018 9:01 am

MorningStar’s Big Dipper Fishing Pond is set to open soon, in the meantime, here are the
Best Fishing Holes in and Around the Austin DMA

MorningStar, Georgetown’s premier walkable community of luxury homes, is thrilled to announce the opening of its Big Dipper Fishing Pond this year. We can’t wait to welcome our residents to their own fishing hole. No more begging your spouse for a day away to go fishing. With Big Dipper joining the community, you can fish before breakfast, or take a quick fishing break while the kids nap. In either case, you’ll be home in time for dinner.

The Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife offers comprehensive information on fishing in Texas, as well as recommendations about the best fishing areas in the Austin region. Here are our picks for the best fishing, whether you want a quick family trip or an entire weekend away.

Best Kid-Friendly Options

While any fishing spot is technically an option for kids, some fishing holes are more welcoming to young folks than others. The ideal choice for kids offers a high probability of catching something great, but without a ton of work and preparation for the adults. Here are the best options:

  • Lakeway Resort and Spa: This fishing hole is great because even members of your family who don’t love fishing will be entertained. Featuring a spa, gorgeous rooms, and plenty of excellent fishing, Lakeway is the perfect family weekend getaway.
  • Old Settlers Park: With abundant catfish, perch, and bass, as well as hiking trails, disc golf courses, and more, there’s something for every member of your family here. Make an afternoon of it, or stay the night.
  • Moby Dick’s Private Pond: This catch-and-release pond is the perfect option for slightly squeamish fishing novices. There are plenty of shady spots for family grilling and celebrations, and no fishing license is required.


Best Quick Fishing

Let’s face it. We’re all busy. Sometimes you just can’t take a full weekend, or even a full day, away from work or your family. That doesn’t mean you have to give up fishing. Some great options for a quick fishing trip that lasts just an hour or two include:

  • Lake Bastrop: Lake Bastrop features kayaks, cabins, and other amenities, so you could technically turn it into a family getaway. But its convenient location, easily accessible fishing areas, and nearly clear water make it the perfect quick fishing spot. Bass, catfish, and sunfish are abundant here.
  • Meadow Lake: Though it’s a bit of a drive, this human-made reservoir offers a great variety of fish, with options ranging from easy to more challenging.
  • Brushy Creek: Boasting catfish, panfish, and bass that you can catch from shore, Brushy Creek also offers the option to rent boats for longer excursions.
  • Walter E. Long Lake: Located inside Metropolitan Park, Walter E. Long offers fishing quick enough to do over your lunch break. The park is full of picnic tables, and heavy on largemouth bass, including those in the eight to ten-pound range.
  • Lady Bird Lake: Situated conveniently in downtown Austin, Lady Bird Lake features excellent bass fishing in a convenient and picturesque setting.


Best Fishing Trip Options

Whether you’re planning to take your kid on her first fishing trip or loading up a cooler and meeting your buddies for a weekend away, these fishing holes are definitely worth a few days of your time:

  • McKinney Falls State Park: First time fishers often come for the gorgeous waterscapes and falls. But with 81 unique camp sites, this is the perfect oasis for a multi-day fishing affair. Sunfish, catfish, and big bass form the majority of the offerings here.
  • Lake Austin: Featuring a spa resort, Lake Austin is the perfect destination for upscale fishing. It’s also Austin’s premier spot for trophy fishing, with abundant eight and ten-pound bass available.
  • Red Bud Isle: Red Bud Isle is close enough for a brief trip, but its unique architecture makes it an ideal spot for a day or more of fishing. Its close proximity to Tom Miller Dam means that many smaller fish can be found at the base of the dam, where larger fish lie in wait. Take advantage of the bounty and get a large bass or two.

MorningStar is proud to be part of a vibrant community full of opportunities to access Austin’s natural beauty. We can’t wait to see you at Big Dipper Fishing Pond.