Is 2020 Your Year to Get Healthy? MorningStar Can Help

December 12, 2019 11:42 am

On New Year’s Eve, when the clock strikes midnight, several things are sure to happen. Toasts will be made to more happiness and prosperity in the coming year. Somebody will mumble/sing “Auld Lang Syne and, hopefully, everyone will receive a “good luck” smooch from their sweetheart. 

Just a few hours later, on New Year’s Day, another time-honored tradition will be observed. Millions of people will resolve to lose weight and get healthier in the coming year. Some will succeed and some won’t. In many cases, the process of getting in better shape depends on our surroundings. As has been noted previously, residents of MorningStar, a planned community located in the beautiful Hill Country, just north of Austin have a distinct advantage in their quest for fitness success! 

The Amenities of MorningStar Encourage Wellness 

It is no accident that homeowners in MorningStar are some of the healthiest people in Texas. Like everything else in this charming community, it was planned. There are many amenities that encourage an active lifestyle.

The Nature Trail Energy Stations  

These trails are the perfect place to get daily exercise, with 1.5 miles of hiking and biking trails. They are enhanced with exercise-boosting energy stations where residents can add in body weight-focused workouts for abs and arms, legs and glutes, back and shoulders, as well as end-of-workout stretches. It’s a great way to have a nature walk with loved ones while getting a vigorous cardio workout. Win/Win.

On-site Dog Park 

Fido and Fluffy could probably stand to lose a couple of pounds too! The MorningStar dog park features separate areas for large and small breeds, with secure entry areas for leashing and unleashing your dogs. Both the small and large dog areas include open play spaces, along with agility obstacles featuring tunnels, mounds, and other challenges. Water fountains and a dog wash station are also provided.

Oversized Swimming Pool for all ages with lanes for laps  

Nothing is better for cardio fitness than swimming and with the Texas weather, there are only a few months where the temperature doesn’t cooperate. Residents who are looking to splash and play in the pool or get in a workout swimming some laps in the dedicated lap lanes can conveniently do so in the resort-quality MorningStar pool.

A Fantastic Kids’ Playgrounds  

These are “hot spots” for the younger MorningStar residents. Our 5+ playground features a large play structure complete with a slide, sliding pole, multiple ladders and more. Our Stargazer playground features a tot-friendly playground with low slides, music-inspired structures, and play bulldozer! It’s the perfect place for kids to meet up with their friends and burn some energy.

The Big Dipper Fishing Pond 

Fishing is fun and great exercise for all ages. With easy access via the robust trail system, the family can angle for the “Big ‘Uns” right from the extended backyard of MorningStar. The pond is fully stocked year-round for residents to enjoy. The Big Dipper will also feature a wildflower preserve, creating a perfect backdrop where residents can relax in the ambiance of the pond while enjoying a peaceful picnic.

Peace of Mind is Just Healthier

The family-friendly ambiance of MorningStar, with no urban chaos, easily accessible healthcare, tight-knit neighborhoods and some of the best schools in the country, making for a more restful lifestyle for families who live there. Peace of mind that comes from living in a less-stressful environment is an excellent foundation for getting healthier in 2020.

What are your New Years’ resolutions? How about finding a great place for your family to live? Just click here for more information on MorningStar. 

One more thing. If you’re planning on bringing in the New Year with a rousing version of “Auld Lang Syne,” click here for the coolest version of that song ever recorded. 

Happy New Year!