Is it Bath Time Yet? Here are 8 Trends to Consider for Your New Bathroom

October 22, 2020 10:53 am

While it doesn’t get the kind of attention that great rooms, bedrooms or kitchens receive, the bathroom is one of the most important, most used and expensive rooms in the home. For residents of MorningStar, a master-planned community located north of Austin, the modern bathrooms are what interior designers have called “an area of refuge and relaxation where the tensions of the day can be released.” Now, it is also a design statement. There are hundreds of new ways for a bath to show a homeowner’s imagination and taste. 

Here are eight steamy trends to consider.

#1 Wood Has Made it to the Bathroom

Forget the old days when the bath consisted of white, on white, on white. Now, many stylish bathrooms feature wooden floors, accents, dark wood cabinets and some very cool, thick “butcher block” wood that supports the lavatory basins. One design magazine noted that wood is “a natural material that brings back the domain of nature in our homes.”

#2 Natural Materials Such as Marble and Stone are Solid Choices

One design source notes that 2021 will be marked by the return of marble. “The colors will be white, gray, red. Seamless fluid lines and space layout will be practical and simple, but with a touch of organic and elegant comfort.

“Marble and wood are not the only natural materials that will be trending in the next year. Natural stone will continue to be used, not simply on the floor and walls, but also on countertops and sinks. It is played with the majesty of natural materials that contrast with each other, which offer us visual and tactile texture in a room that has become a sanctuary.”

#3 There’s GOLD in Those Bathrooms!

Metals, and especially gold, will continue to be a part of stylish bathrooms. Why? Bathrooms have always been about “reflections” and these metals reflect the light and inject style, either with an industrial touch or a touch of glamor. Metals with matt or satin finishes will be especially popular in the future. 

#4 How About Some “Noir Drama” for the Bath?

The trend toward darker colors in the bath started a couple of years ago with an emphasis on grey. That continues in the coming year with a decidedly darker tone – Black. One bathroom remodeling publication noted that “This trend is most popular in light fixtures, vanities, mirrors, and other fixtures- especially with matte finishes! Since some homeowners may be hesitant when it comes to adding these even darker tones to their homes, grey may continue to be a top choice for those looking to stray away from a classic white or neutral color, but aren’t quite ready for the boldness of black.”

#5 Smart Toilets Were Only the Beginning

Old-school plumbers must be shaking their heads! Smart technology has arrived in the bathroom – BIG TIME. Bathrooms will see smart showers, mini fridges, automatic sinks, pre-set shower starting times, built-in “Bluetooth” speaker system, voice activated features for lighting and temperature, smart mirrors that talk to you and increased TV installments. These are just a few of the ways that technology is being incorporated in the bathroom.

#6 Tile Patterns: Everything Old is New Again

Tile has been a part of the bathroom for many decades and some of those early patterns are making a comeback. This bathroom remodeling company notes, “We are seeing a resurgence of the once beloved tiles of decades past, plus a few new designs. No longer are we content with just a subway tile or a large format tile on the wall.  Look for new and improved hexagon, arabesque, diamond, Moroccan fish scales, or chevron patterns in new colors & textures.  These eye-catching shapes will not just grace the floor either; they will also be used as bathroom backsplashes, on shower walls, and possibly ceiling accents to create the bold accents we so desire.”

#7 Big Bathtubs and Open Showers RULE!

Good designers are experts at “trompe d’oeil” (tricking the eyes). In many ways this is what’s happening with larger baths and open showers of contemporary bathrooms. The bigger the bathtub, the more space and relaxation will be available to the bather, even if it is taking more space. Open showers appear to visually increase the size of a bathroom, while also giving it more space and providing convenience for users. This gives the appearance of more space. Voila’!

#8 Mirror Mirror on the Wall

The trends for mirrors in modern bathrooms are toward them being asymmetrical and definitely SMART. As this article notes, “just like the rest of the bathroom mirrors are becoming smarter. Mirrors can have anti-fog technologies, smart touch abilities, USB charging stations and just about anything else you can imagine. Long gone are the days of plated mirrors. With shaped frame options taking over, you have the ability to get as creative as possible when it comes to picking out the exact style. And we have not forgotten about the most important detail of bathroom mirrors- lighting. It’s all about the lighting.

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