Liberty Hill Jr High

At Liberty Hill Junior High School, the faculty uses an eclectic teaching style to maximize every student’s potential. From traditional book studies to debates, groups and technology such as Google Classroom, the learning style keeps students engaged in every aspect of their studies. LHJH provides a respectful, responsible and safe environment for all their students. 

What sets LHJHS apart?

What sets Liberty Hill Junior High School apart from many other schools, is the common planning time, which allows teachers to work closely together to create curriculum, lesson plans and assessments. This approach results in a higher teaching level than state expectations. 

In addition to the unique teaching style, Liberty Hill Junior High School gives eighth-graders the opportunity to earn high school credit for a wide range of classes, including Principles of Business, Principles of Audio and Visual, Algebra 1, Spanish, Theater Arts, and Dance.

Academics: English Language Arts, Math, Science, Fine Arts, Social Studies
Programs: Gifted and Talented, Student Supported Services
Extracurricular: Athletics, National Junior Honor Society, Fine Arts, UIL Academics

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