The Best Restaurants Near MorningStar

September 7, 2018 5:12 pm

MorningStar was thoughtfully designed to maximize its residents’ quality of life. While a walkable, safe, beautiful neighborhood was key to the concept, we also wanted to ensure that residents had access to a variety of cultural touch points outside of our community. Georgetown and nearby areas are home to some of Texas’s best restaurants. There’s something to suit every culinary taste, dietary restriction, and dining preference. Here are our picks for the best restaurants in our area:

Monument Cafe

Touting itself as a monument to the roadside diners and cafes of a bygone era, Monument Cafe is family-friendly dining at its finest. Open from 7 AM to 3 PM every day, Monument Cafe serves a wide variety of breakfast, brunch, and lunch fare. It also boasts a robust kids’ menu and the option to customize foods to accommodate dietary restrictions and preferences. While everything on the menu is amazing, we recommend trying the huevos rancheros, then sampling one of Monument’s many delicious pies.


Housed in two gorgeous buildings constructed in the 1920s, Wildfire consistently tops lists of Texas’s best dining options. The dining experience is casual but elegant, in softly lit brick surroundings. But Wildfire’s true appeal is the diversity of its menu. Serving breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner, Wildfire offers a full bar and a rich variety of wines. It can also accommodate virtually any dietary restriction and boasts vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. Check out its cocktail menu, which frequently features garden-inspired cocktails—including an orchid cocktail.

Fish City Grill

If you have a hankering for fish tacos, for low-key seafood, or for Louisiana-inspired cooking, Fish City Grill is a winning bet. The Grill also offers fish-free options like burgers, as well as vegetarian and vegan-friendly options. So unlike some seafood-themed restaurants, Fish City Grill is a great option for the entire family, including picky kids. For a savory family-friendly treat, try the fried dill pickles.

El Monumento

Owned by restaurateurs who opened Georgetown’s beloved Monument Cafe, El Monumento serves up home-style Mexican fare with a hefty dose of hospitality. Diners are consistently impressed by the gorgeous architecture of the building, which sits amid stark but beautiful landscaping. El Monumento offers a Saturday brunch and begins serving at 3 PM every other day of the week. Most foods can be customized to accommodate dietary restrictions, and the chefs are always willing to make accommodations for picky kids.

600 Degrees Pizzeria and Drafthouse

Offering wings, pizza, salads, and a variety of sides, 600 degrees knows pizza. Pizza can be purchased by the slice or by the pie, with dozens of topping combinations available to suit every diet. As one of the most family-friendly restaurants in Georgetown, this is a great stop if you have rambunctious kids, out of town visitors, or an avowed pizza lover.

Blue Corn Harvest Bar & Grill

If you love the bar and grill experience but are sick of traditional bar fare, Blue Corn is a great bet. Offering local food, healthy vegetarian and vegan options, and a kid-tested kids’ menu, everyone is sure to find something they want on the menu. Blue Corn also hosts an annual food festival, as part of its commitment to local eating and nurturing communities.
Tony and Luigi’s
Tony and Luigi’s is a family-friendly Italian pizza joint with a full bar and a gorgeous dining space. Offering entertainment every Tuesday and Thursday, Tony and Luigi’s routinely hosts a wide range of events. In addition to traditional Italian offerings, it also serves up a wide range of family-friendly options, such as omelets, biscuits and gravy, and luscious desserts.

Sweet Lemon Cafe

Open Tuesday through Saturday from 7 AM to 2:30 PM, Sweet Lemon Cafe offers breakfast, lunch, and brunch, as well as the option to order online. Serving up traditional cafe fare such as omelets and iced tea, as well as healthier takes on traditional classics, Sweet Lemon offers a range of vegetarian options, as well as some gluten-free meals. Check out the chicken salad croissant, or splurge on a Mississippi mud pie bar.

Nancy’s Sky Garden

The commitment to healthy, unique, local dining is apparent in everything Nancy’s Sky Garden offers. This modern, nature-inspired cafe offers soups and salads, vegetarian and vegan options, and healthy, flavorful food your kids will actually eat. Nancy’s also boasts a wide variety of fine herbal teas to boost your health and sweeten your dining experience.

When you are out trying one of these tasty stops and sharing your experience with locals. Be sure to tag #LivingMorningStar in your post—there may be a prize in it for you! Bon appetite!