Celebrating Thanksgiving at MorningStar

Almost 400 years ago, in 1621, the first Thanksgiving is reported to have occurred in America. The longevity of this national holiday is based on several factors, including the very human characteristic of feeling gratitude for the many blessings we enjoy. The fact that it is a celebratory FEAST (and everyone loves a great meal), may also explain its popularity! Holidays like Thanksgiving are a special time in the close-knit community of MorningStar.  Whether they are young families, retired empty-nesters... View Article

MorningStar is One of the Healthiest Places to Live in Texas. Here’s Why.

Convenient access to quality healthcare facilities and physicians is at the top of “must-have” list for all age groups – from young parents to retired empty-nesters. This is one of the driving forces for more people to choose to live in suburban communities such as MorningStar.  The prognosis for accessible and quality healthcare in many areas of the U.S. is not good. Urban hospitals, many in disrepair, are fighting a losing battle with large populations of uninsured patients and a... View Article