Why Technology Businesses are Drawn to Austin: What This Means for Homeowners in MorningStar and Other Upscale Communities

The magnet that is Austin, Texas has a very powerful attraction on high technology companies. This fact was proven again in late July 2020. Texas Governor, Greg Abbott announced that the “Tesla Gigafactory” would build its latest manufacturing facility, which will cost $1 billion and employ more than 5,000 workers, about 15-minutes east of downtown Austin. Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of Tesla, promised to make the new factory “an ecological paradise.” In speaking with CNBC, he said, ““We’re... View Article

Another MorningStar Day Trip: The Wine Country of Fredericksburg

The great weather and glorious natural beauty of the Texas Hill Country are only surpassed by the charm of its small towns. An excellent example of this is the community of Fredericksburg, located about two hours west of MorningStar. The city’s fascinating history, combined with its family-friendly attractions make it an ideal day trip for MorningStar residents. Fredericksburg was founded on May 8, 1846 by German immigrants under the “Society for the Protection of German Immigrants in Texas.” John O.... View Article