Feeling a Little FOMO?

September 30, 2023 9:00 am

The residents of Morningstar Liberty Hill don’t find themselves suffering from FOMO – the acronym for “Fear of Missing Out.” Quite the contrary.

This master-planned community is located in Georgetown a picturesque boutique-style town that bears the distinction of being voted “the most beautiful town square in Texas.” Just take a stroll through its historic district to look at Victorian architecture or walk along the charming sidewalks lined with pretty shops, sip some locally grown wines, find just the right piece for the mantle at the antique mall, or drop into a cool coffee shop or boho café, and FOMO melts away!

Maybe you’d rather have a staycation? Morningstar residents can walk down to the Stargazer Event Lawn, an open-air gathering space, or congregate with their neighbors at the covered Event Pavilion, equipped with a fireplace, lounging areas, and bathrooms. Anglers can throw a line in and see if anything bites at the Big Dipper Fishing Pond. Nature trails, outdoor green spaces, hiking and biking paths just steps from their front door.

Just say No to FOMO

Although new to the acronym, humans have had phobias like FOMO for as long as anyone can remember. Only studied fully in the past decade, FOMO is not a new concept, references to “missing out” can even be found in ancient hieroglyphics. 

Social media usage has fueled new research as FOMO is looked at in-depth. People view social media posts as a real-time “my life vs. your life” comparison. A study in Psychiatry Research found that FOMO is linked to the amount of smartphone and social media usage more than demographics like age and gender. 

How Do You Deal With FOMO?

Researchers are studying what they’ve termed a “Life Satisfaction Rating Scale.” Life satisfaction is measured by asking people to evaluate how they feel about their lives in general.  What’s the big picture? Satisfaction is found by combining many memorable moments. 

One surefire way a person can reduce feelings of FOMO is to change perspective.  Instead of people focusing on what is lacking, they might instead try to focus on what they have. When that includes something for everyone in the family, right down to the family pet, they’re likely getting most of what they want. 

When it comes to wanting what they have, community residents at Morningstar come out in front.

Teachable Moments

Morningstar residents send their children to school at the Liberty Hill ISD. FOMO? Not here. Students can take advantage of small-class sizes that boost proficiency, many extra-curricular clubs and activities, and a small-town atmosphere that is known to be safe and family-oriented.

Liberty Hill ISD is a school system designated as a “District of Innovation” – which means a traditional public school is granted access to the same flexibility afforded to a charter school. 

Coming Attractions

Ever toured a cave? There’s no FOMO in the Texas Hill Country!  Visit Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge. Try to see some of the species that inhabit the area, like whooping cranes, monarch butterflies, and bald eagles.

Time to hit the links? FOMO! Plan to join a foursome at the Avery Ranch Golf Club. Just north of downtown Austin, this 18-hole, championship course offers golfers 5 tee placements. 

Make the decision to continue to downtown Austin. Maybe rent an electric bike, take in some live music, or even kayak from there to Barton Springs. FOMO… not. Measure up to the Life Satisfaction Rating Scale and see how many memorable moments can be added.

The Cat in the Hat

Maybe you remember the Dr. Seuss story, The Cat in the Hat. It’s about a little girl, Sally, and her brother. The story opens with the two kids sitting in their chairs literally watching as the rain falls.  Then, out of nowhere, they have a visitor. Enter the Cat in the Hat, and soon mischief of every kind ensues.

Now, imagine if these kids lived at Morningstar. They wouldn’t have been suffering from a bad case of FOMO. They wouldn’t have been sitting by a window at home. In this community there’s always something to do, rain or shine. Kids can take advantage of sports park, playgrounds, and more than one family-friendly amenity center just around the corner.  Or the kids might have even talked their parental units into taking them to Kalahari Water Park, a mere 20 minutes away, to play at an indoor water park instead. 


So, what will it be? 

Families who have lots to choose from usually choose YOLO – You Only Live Once. Don’t miss out on the memorable moments in your life. Spend them with your friends, families, and loved ones. Aim high and climb higher on the Life Satisfaction Rating Scale. When you have what you want and want what you have, FOMO disappears.  

Click here to come visit Morningstar Liberty Hill. After all, YOLO!