Morningstar: Go Ahead! Make Me Move!

August 31, 2023 9:00 am

Morningstar Liberty Hill is a master-planned community centered in one of the quaintest little towns in Texas. Welcome to Georgetown, just 30 miles north of Austin. Georgetown already boasts the most beautiful town square in Texas. It’s also known for its Victorian architecture, boutiques, wineries, and more. Upwardly mobile and accessible to many local attractions, Georgetown is trendy – but what are the trends that matter most to new homebuyers? 

What is there about Morningstar Liberty Hill that has homebuyers pulling up stakes and moving in?

Economic Development

Georgetown retains its small-town feel, but there’s nothing small-town about it in terms of economic enterprise. The community actively incentivizes, recruits and promotes new business. Georgetown is an entrepreneurial environment where new businesses can invest and grow. Major industries include Technology, Manufacturing, Construction, Healthcare, and more. Georgetown values its variety of micro-businesses – those with fewer than 10 employees – as well.  

How does economic development affect the residents at Morningstar? Fast-growing economic development only strengthens a community – leading to more jobs and higher income levels. It’s important to note that a robust economy has a direct impact on home equity and building a home in a master-planned community has been demonstrated to add stability to resale values.

Community Engagement

The significance of our homes took on a whole new meaning during the Covid pandemic. Although the crisis is over, the lesson remains.

Homebuyers today are looking for properties with functional interior and exterior spaces. After a long period of isolation, they want to live in a place that makes social contact possible – particularly in community outdoor spaces. 

Morningstar provides residents with an open-air, covered Event Pavilion, equipped with a fireplace, lounging areas, and bathrooms. Outdoor connectivity opportunities include the Big Dipper Fishing Pond, fully stocked for the professional anglers among us, or a stroll down to the Stargazer Event Lawn, an open-air gathering space where residents can mingle, picnic, and socialize. 

Seventy-five million baby boomers are expected to retire by 2030. For retirees, living at Morningstar, with low crime, resort-style amenities, and many other nearby conveniences – makes perfect sense. After years of working, commuting, and raising a family, retirees now have the time, flexibility, and freedom to kick back and relax.


Morningstar Liberty Hill families care about convenience. Schools, neighborhood shopping centers, and nearby services contribute to the decision-making process when families are looking for their new home.

Morningstar LH is in the Liberty Hill ISD, regionally and federally recognized for its economic and academic achievements. Right inside the Morningstar community, the littlest learners can be walked to the Goddard School, recognized as leaders in the field of early childhood education.

Why drive when you can ride? “Project Connect  – an expansion of mass transit to the Austin area – provides commuters with first–rate accommodation. The people who live in the Georgetown area of Williamson County can travel to virtually all of metro Austin, including the airport, in the comfort of a modern train.

Customized Options

One size does not fit all! You probably already know how many bedrooms and bathrooms you need. Stop and think about what else might be important to you. Homes are completely customizable.

If a person works remotely or is self-employed, a home office is a top priority. If a couple is just starting out, they may not require the same size house as a family of four with a dog. Morningstar builders offer residents a wide array of design options and floor plans to appeal to a spectrum of new homebuyers. 

A 15-Minute City

Urban planners are promoting the climate-conscious, healthy living design of neighborhoods called 15-minute cities. This means that everything a person could need -schools, shopping, healthcare, and leisure – is within 15 minutes on a bike or on foot. That’s certainly convenient but is it possible? 

The 15-minute city may be an idea whose time has come. Take Paris, for example. The concept was developed by Parisian urban planner, Carlos Moreno, a scientist at Sorbonne Business School. Paris’ mayor, Anne Hidalgo, has worked to improve public transport and ban cars altogether in over 35 percent of the city. That might be a step too far for most of us. People need to know they can hop in their cars and go where they want to go. What’s so appealing about the 15-minute city model is that they don’t have to – the choice is theirs to make.

You don’t need to go to Paris to see how planning for community engagement, outdoor connectivity, and convenience can make life better. Instead of taking a transatlantic flight, click here to see what Morningstar Liberty Hill has to offer you!