If You Could Live Anywhere, Where Would You Live?

October 13, 2020 4:16 pm

What would you think if one morning you opened your laptop, clicked on your email and saw a message from your boss at the top of the list? It read, “We have determined that we are all more productive when we work from home. So, unless you prefer coming to the office every day, you are free to work from home, anyplace you choose to live.”


Would you choose to continue living in a large city, in a leased apartment or duplex with a cost-of-living that is sometimes staggering, or would you rather live in an upscale, master-planned community, away from the hustle and hassle? 

Would you prefer to keep your kids in an urban, often dysfunctional and unsafe school, or would you rather they attend a highly-rated school in a smaller district, where the teacher-to-pupil ratio is more conducive to learning? 

Oh. And here is one more question. If mortgage interest rates are hovering around 3%, is it time to consider buying a home instead of renting?

For an overwhelming number of families – from couples, to new parents, to empty nesters – the answer is obvious. Many are choosing to live in a community like MorningStar, located just north of Austin.

The New Normal Offers New Benefits

The pandemic has changed everything, including offering new paradigms for working and living. A recent article in the “Wall Street Journal,” had a provocative headline. It read: 

            When Workers Can Live Anywhere, Many Ask: Why Do I Live Here?

The July 2020 article noted that, “The coronavirus is challenging the assumption that Americans must stay physically tethered to traditionally hot job markets—and the high costs and small spaces that often come with them—to access the best work opportunities. Three months into the pandemic, many workers found themselves in jobs that, at least for now, will let them work anywhere, creating a wave of movement across the country.

“The forces at play are novel. Confronted with the prospect of not being able to easily fly in for a visit with an elderly parent, grown children are suddenly questioning why they live so far away in the first place. Many newly remote workers are finding they prefer somewhere closer to family or fresh air. Others are giving up on leases they can’t afford, chasing opportunities in states that are reopening faster or heading back to hometowns.”

Most experts predict that for non-manufacturing, white collar workers, remote working will continue long after COVID is nothing but a bad memory. If this is the case, the question becomes: Why not work from a nice, quiet and productive place? Plus, when historically low mortgage rates are added into this mix, the decision is simple.

MorningStar: For Home and Work

For residents of MorningStar, the transition from an office to a home-office has been seamless. This master-planned community, just north of the high-tech mecca of Austin has become the “go to” spot for all families. There are several reasons for this:

  • The community is located in the gorgeous Texas Hill Country and the homes are designed to blend-in to this unique flora (e.g. ancient oak trees) and fauna (hummingbirds).
  • Entertainment and shopping are only minutes away.
  • The amenities are resort-quality.
  • The schools are exemplary.
  • The neighbors are friendly! 

If you can live anywhere, why wouldn’t you live in MorningStar?

When you’re ready to move up to a better quality of life, contact us for a quick look-around MorningStar.